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One of the best feelings!!! It’s truly a privilege to dive with these majestic animals. Sometimes you are at the right place during that special season, but NOTHING shows up…Talking from experience you might have looked the wrong way.

„I was looking into the deep blue, while one Manta already enjoyed a bubble bath just above my head. Once we spotted one, suddenly there were two, three oh my god ten Manta rays gliding around us at Black Rock in Myanmar“

The gentle giants are found in warm temperate, subtropical and tropical waters. There are two species of Mantas, both are pelagic. The larger species M.birostris reaches 7m (23ft) in width, while the smaller M.alfredi reaches 5.5m (18ft 1 in).

„We tried to focus on the hammerhead sharks at Daedalus Reef, while three Manta rays stole their show with spectacular loops and very close encounters.“

There will never be a 100% guarantee to see or interact with some of these magnificent creatures, but traveling to these places at the right time of year will dramatically increase your chances.

In the past few years Carlu Dive And Travel encountered often Manta rays at :

Mantapoint in Bali (see pictures above)

Kurang Makassar in Komodo

Ningaloo Reef in Australia

Black Rock in Myanmar (see picture above)

Richelieu Rock in Thailand

Daedalus Reef in Egypt

Did you know that these giants have fingerprints as well?

Each manta has a unique pattern of spots on its ventral surface (belly), which remains largely unchanged throughout their lives. ... Much like a human fingerprint, the unique nature of these spots enables manta scientists to identify every individual manta just by photographing their ventral surfaces.

!!! Checkt this out !!!

If you have seen a manta ray anywhere in the world, you can contribute directly to „ID THE MANTA“ global research and conservation efforts. Submit your images and some basic information about the sighting to our IDtheManta database, and they will provide feedback about the individual manta you encountered.

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