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Egypt – Red Sea (14-21.07.2019)

Egypt has some of the most fascinating history in the world; from ancient pyramids and Pharaohs to the magnificent wrecks laying just beneath the surface of the Red Sea.

The underwater landscape is stunning and offers great diving.

The Red Sea is like a giant underwater museum with everything from World War II wrecks (like the famous SS Thistlegorm) to merchant ships full of cars, tiles and even toilets.

This year our Charter was heading to the North of the Red Sea. We started from Hurghada and stopped at Sharb el Erg to do our check dives. Several times we had the privilege to dive and snorkel with longbottlenose dolphins. They showed up at one of the best macro dive site "The Barge", "Dolphinhouse – Sharb el Erg" and even at the Ulysses wreck.

We went diving at the famous "Abu Nuhas Reef", which offers several wrecks to dive. The Carnatic wreck gave the reef its name due to its precious cargo of copper.

Arabic fishermen called the reef "father of copper", as they found the metal in their nets.

Gianis D was a great adventure!!! The wreck is laying in a 45 degree angle, which can give some divers a funny feeling to dive in. One of the highlights was the engine room being covered in glass fish.

The SS Thistlegorm sunk on 6 October 1941 near Ras Mohamed in the Red Sea. Diving there at a maximum depths of 30 meter, offered us some more spectacular wreck diving. We inspected the railway wagons and tanks on the outside. The inside of the Thistlegorm is a magical place, which we treated like an underwater museum.

With respect and good buoyancy skills, we swam between the trucks and motorcycles. We found the resident turtle sleeping on top of some boots and mk-riffles.

The Dunraven blessed us with an eagle ray and a very interested napoleon fish family. The wreck lays upside down and gave us the feeling to dive in an underwater cave. Many entries and exits created a stunning light scenery. At the propeller we were lucky to find the famous long nose hawkfish.

Ras Mohamed was the absolute reef highlight of our trip!!! Anemone city showed off in great visibility and the beautiful hard and soft corals convinced us with all sorts of colors. A friendly turtle accompanied our dive, while we spotted many scorpionfish, rays and crocodile fish at the Yolanda ship wreck. The penguine entry was exciting and new for some of us. Many schools of unicorn fish, trevalleys and snappers fulfilled every divers dream.

During seven days and six nights on board we discovered some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea. Besides of the great diving and a super friendly crew, this trip was remarkable because of our lovely guests we had on board. Many friendships were made and perfect divebuddys were found. It was a pleasure to dive with you, we are happy to welcome you on board soon again!!!

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